More than a song leader: Revelation and 
response as spiritual formation

Randy Bonifield - Saturday 11:00 AM

Throughout the history of the Church, music has played an important if not essential role in the worship of God's gathered people. And while the forms change from generation to generation, the function of corporate worship in the life of the believer has not. The way we worship affects what we believe and what we do. And the intersection of music and worship in the regular rhythms of corporate worship is a beautiful dance of art and theology in motion.  This breakout will examine the role of the worship leader in corporate worship and, more importantly, our essential role in the spiritual formation of our congregations.

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Arranging for the band you have

Victor Morales - Saturday 11:00 AM

In this class we will discuss the musical tendencies of worship music today and how to adapt this music to whatever band format you have available at your corps. Understanding the general role of each instrument in a worship setting is fundamental as it will help us think more critically and establish priorities when adapting a song for different band formats.  As part of a practical approach, specific band formats will be discussed as well as key elements that help to accomplish a good band sound no matter how big or small your group is. 

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Working with a worship committee

Craig Lewis - Saturday 11:00 AM

Worship is both a personal and a corporate experience.  There are advantages to using a committee to plan a worship service.  Craig Lewis, Territorial Music Secretary of Canada/Bermuda, will use this workshop to explain the merits and best practices of using a committee to plan dynamic and intentional worship services at your corps. 

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Embracing our cultural diversity
in worship

Ronnie Murchison- Saturday 2:00 PM

Every congregation has a unique make-up of various cultures, ages, and backgrounds.  Diversity in a congregation is something that should be celebrated and embraced as it is representative what the Kingdom of God looks like. But how do you tailor your worship leading and sets to be the truest expression of worship for everybody in your congregation?  In this workshop, Ronnie will demonstrate his techniques for reaching congregations of varying cultures and backgrounds. 

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Transitions in worship

Doug Berry - Saturday 2:00 PM

Here we'll talk about ways to avoid those awkward silences between songs or items in the to boldly embrace them!  Transitions don't need to be fancy, they just need to be prayerfully planned and anticipated.

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Harold Burgmayer - Saturday 2:00 PM

Dr. Harold Burgmayer has arranged and composed more than 350 pieces of music ranging from simple children's songs to full symphonies.  In this workshop, Dr. Burgmayer shares his expertise in crafting thoughtful lyrics and singable melodies for congregational singing. 

Worship Together: A Practical Aid for Worship Leaders

Simon Gough - Saturday 2:00 PM

This session will look a the new Worship Leader Resources from the Canada and Bermuda Territory. These resources are a concise look at the weekly to-do list for any worship leader. Worship Together can be used as a trainman tool for personal growth or with your team. The F.L.O.W. program in these resources breaks down tasks and gives practical resources to help worship leaders.

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Selecting Songs for Worship

Jude St-Aimé - Saturday 3:45 PM

Being intentional about choosing songs for worship is a crucial role of the worship leader.  There are many factors and considerations to keep in mind when building a set list.  This workshop will look at various strategies and techniques for choosing songs for worship intentionally. 

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Loop and tracks for churches
big and small

Josh Powell - Saturday 3:45 PM 

There are many ways we can use technology to assist a worship leader and enhance the worship support for any given service.  The use of loops and tracks are one way that a worship leader can fill out the sound of a worship team or cover the part of an instrument the team may not have.  In this breakout, we will explore how worship leaders of large and small corps (and with large and small budgets) can use technology to enhance worship. 

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Cultivating Holy Instincts

John Copeland - Saturday 3:45 PM

This workshop will dive into practical methods for living a life of worship and how to begin reprogramming our focus away from self and on to Christ.  As worship leaders, some of the most critical work we'll do in preparing for leading a congregation, won't include a set or songs or transitions, but will focus on chiseling out the foundation of our lives in worship...before setting foot on a stage.

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Mentoring:  Who's mentoring you?
Who are you mentoring? 

Josh Turner - Saturday 3:45 PM

Proverbs 27:17 says "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." As worship leaders, we need to be seeking wise counsel.  We also need to be pouring into those that will carry the mantel after us.  In this workshop, we'll look at ways to find mentorship and the importance of finding our own replacements. 

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